Executive Coach
Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching - Focuses on Leaders currently in positions that could benefit from a trusted advisor and Coach to take them to a new level of performance. Executives often seek a coach when they feel a change in behavior or enhanced skills can advance their career goals.
NOW facilitates and supports senior leaders discovering their excellence and strengths to move them to peak performance, while opening their eyes to potential De-railers impacting their success.

Examples for Coaching Executives

The Value of Coaching

Coaching is a targeted development activity established to help leaders and their teams achieve inspired results, optimize performance focused on organizational goals, and uncover the excellence in every individual.  Working with a Coach, leaders can drive for continuous results, sustaining those results, and achieve their professional goals.

Significant ways that a Coach provides value

Continuity and Focus


Sustainable Transformation

Focused Personal Development

Additional research by the Manchester Group (2001) shares that companies that
provided coaching to executives reported improvements in:

Productivity (53%)
Quality (48%)
Organizational strength (48%)
Customer service (39%)
Reducing customer complaints (34%)
Retaining executives who received coaching (32%)
Cost reductions (23%)
Bottom-line profitability (22%)

Plus, executives who received personal coaching reported improvements in:

Working relationships with direct reports ( 77% )
Working relationships with immediate supervisors (71%)
Teamwork (67%)
Working relationships with peers (63%)
Job satisfaction (61%)
Conflict reduction (52%)
Organizational commitment (44%)

Source 2007 Wisdom Works Group
executive coaching success chart