Executive, Personal, Physician Coaching Consulting

Professional Development and Advancement

Executive Coaching, Team Development, and & Life Coaching

NOW Consulting Coaching is a Practice dedicated to Executive Coaching, Physician Coaching, Team Coaching and Life Coaching facilitating Leaders in various industries to new heights of performance. Led by Sarah Sinclair, President and Founder, the practice focuses on Leaders at various stages of their career to accelerate their professional development and advancement. The practice also works with teams and organizations to optimize performance aligning with Mission, Vision and Goals.

Executive Coaching / Corporate Executive Coaching


NOW Consulting Coaching specializes in individual and organizational coaching for performance. As a trusted Advisor and Coach, NOW’s focus is on Executive Coaching to facilitate leaders discovering their inner strengths to move them to peak performance. At the same time Leader coaching will explore potential Derailers impacting their success.

Business Team



NOW Consulting Coaching through business team coaching helps bring team consensus and unity and clarifies goals. Together we set action plans and create the environment for accountability across the team and the organization. Take your team and organization to new heights!

Leadership and Team Development


NOW Consulting Coaching uses Transformational Coaching principles to define the individual leader and team’s current state, explore the preferred future state and develop an action plan to close the gap. The focus will be on requisite skills development.

Business Consulting


NOW Consulting Coaching focuses on behavioral coaching for specific strategic goals for the organization, through business consulting, process improvement and holding the individual and team accountable to drive results.

Life Coaching


NOW Consulting Coaching is about dealing with real issues, in the real world, in a real time. This addresses the comprehensive needs of the Leader through Life Coaching, which is inclusive of their world outside of work. Coaching to "Being on Purpose” is an important element of the work.

Executives and Physicians learn skills for leadership


Not every leader comes with all the necessary skills to lead. Others aspire to be leaders, but often do not prepare. NOW meets the Executive and Physician Leader where they are today and focuses on meeting their career goals through learning skills to apply to leadership, aligning with the organizations goals.

The Value of Executive, Team, Physician, and Life Coaching


"Coaching is a targeted development activity established to help leaders and their teams achieve inspired results, optimize performance focused on organizational goals, and uncover the excellence in every individual. Working with a Coach, leaders can drive for continuous results, sustaining those results, and achieve their professional goals".


Sarah Sinclair, CHI Coach, LFACHE, Certified in Hogan assessments, LEA 360/IDI; Member of ICF (International Coach Federation)