Discover Your Strengths, Transform Your Clinical Skills to Executive Leadership Skills

Physician Executive Coaching


Physician Executive Coaching - NOW Consulting Coaching focuses on Physicians taking leadership positions for the first time at the executive level and experienced Physician Executives who want to become more effective.  By applying their clinical and business leadership skills, and helping Physicians get past the burn out of practice a transformation can occur.  Let a NOW coach be your trusted Advisor.


Why a Coach for Physicians?


  • You want to make a difference and be more effective
  • You want to blaze new trails and be more influential as Leaders
  • You have strengths you want to improve upon
  • Your career is changing with growing responsibilities


Examples for Coaching


  • Physician CEOS of hospitals or healthcare organizations
  • First time Department Directors over Clinical Services
  • Physicians placed in Executive leadership positions other than the CEO
  • Physicians needing skills in influence, Emotional Intelligence, Executive Presence or how to lead people to effective outcomes.