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Life Coaching


NOW Consulting Coaching is about dealing with real issues, in the real world, in real time for clients in a coaching engagement.  A trusted Coach and Advisor addresses the comprehensive needs of the Leader through Life Coaching, which is inclusive of their world outside of work. Coaching includes work about being on “Purpose” and is an important element of the work.  Together the coach and client look at all of life and its’ influence on the client’s career aspirations.


Life Coaching is taking in the “Bigger” view as a way of dealing with a more complex and ever changing world.


Examples where coaching will help might include:


  • You have lost the zeal for life
  • Small incidences provoke reactive responses
  • You are bored, restless or distracted at work
  • Your interactions with others leaves you feeling “that could have gone better”
  • Your family life is nonexistent
  • You don’t feel “On Purpose” any more
  • You feel “out of sync”



Do you have a “Diamond in the Rough”?


An employee who is smart, talented, skilled, and with a desire to succeed?  In spite of all that, they seem to be their own worst enemy?  NOW Consulting Coaching can round out the edges, work on Emotional Intelligence and Executive Presence and help them realize their full potential.